8ight, #4 of 8 exhibition series, Audiovisual Installation at frei-raum.berlin

  • Klangkunst / Sound Art
  • Installation / Ausstellung

DIAPHONIE_K∞, sound as a generator of free images

Thu, 11.07.2024, 16:30 - 20:00 | frei-raum.berlin

8ight, #4 of 8 exhibition series, Audiovisual Installation  11.-13.07.2024 at frei-raum.berlin
© 8ight, #4 of 8 exhibition series, Audiovisual Installation 11.-13.07.2024 at frei-raum.berlin

frei-raum.berlin // 8ight, #4 of 8 exhibition series, Audiovisual Installation
DIAPHONIE_K∞, sound as a generator of free images by Ernesto Longobardi (IT)
and Anna Turina (IT)
on view:
11.07. Thursday, 16:30-20h | 12.07. Friday, 16:30-20h | 13.07. Saturday,15-19h

8ight // for 8 audiovisual exhibitions
frei-raum.berlin is showing the exhibition series 8ight, which will feature sound art and audiovisual art installations, performances and artistic research. This series runs from April to November 2024, with eight sequential presentations, each characterised by the number of acoustic sources/speakers: from one in the first exhibition to eight in the last. The symbolic meaning of the number 8 for time, connection and renewal is reflected in this gradual increase. At the end of the 8 exhibitions, a printed art object, in a limited edition of 8, will be published on our label F with a summary of all the works.

DIAPHONIE_K∞ by Ernesto Longobardi (IT) and Anna Turina (IT) is a variant of the experimental study Diaphonie(2020) made by Ernesto Longobardi as result of a personal reflexion on the relationship of sound and image. The previous project does not use slides because it focuses on the acoustic signal by amplifying the projector, instead of using images as visual research. Kodak Carousel projectors are used as sound instruments in a way that evocates personal intuitions, as if the imagery itself were a virtual reserve of slides... In Diaphonie_K∞ Ernesto Longobardi starts a collaboration with Anna Turina to experience the tangible combination image and sound. The Kodak Carousel returns once again to contain the original 84 slides. The projector is restored in its original use as optical-mechanical equipment. It acquires the dual nature of sound source and source of images this time linked to the poetics of the two artists. The sequence of photographic shots that recalls enigmatic places and meanings alternate with graphic interventions related to research on color and light.

The set consist in two side-by-side projectors where the sequence of slides is a consequence of the evolution of the sound. Unlike a usual projection, the image is not supported by the sound but, vice versa, the sound is the main protagonist and the images are functional just as a background. In live performance, the tempistics of the images depends on the acoustic choices: they become irregular visual times to resemble an intuition, a flashback, an impression. The different optics of the projectors also create a contamination of all possible combinations; it results in a loop as a deep moment of reflection on sound and image, contemplating a concept of infinite, without time and without space.

frei-raum.berlin, Cotheniusstraße 3, 10407 Berlin


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  • Thu, 11.07.2024, 16:30 - 20:00
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    frei-raum.berlin is an art space for audiovisual art. In collaboration with international artists from Berlin, we explore formats that connect sound and visual art: The art space as a space for listening, public experiences, readings and lingering.
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