Fluid Form Club #5

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PoiL Ueda x Witch n Monk

Fr., 10.11.2023, 20:00 - 23:00 | Kantine am Berghain

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The Fluid Form Club presents passionately unpredictable music that escapes classification, in a space that brings together a community of curious minds.
This is a monthly series hosted by Witch 'n' Monk who will perform at Fluid Form Club #5 with explosively inventive French band PoiL Ueda.

PoiL Ueda
PoiL Ueda detonnates the limits of rock and world music. By the magic and respect of the "Ma (間)," the two universes mesh and converge in perfect osmosis.
PoiL Ueda is the result of a collaboration between Junko Ueda, a vocalist and satsuma-biwa player from Japan, and PoiL, a French rock/contemporary music band. The music is based on the 13th-century Japanese epic tale "Heike-Monogatari."

Vocalist Junko Ueda is an eminent figure of the Japanese medieval epic storytelling, whose warm and profound voice summons terrestrial energies, meeting with the organic madness of the monster PoiL, who create cosmic rock without a safety net.
Buddhist chants practiced by monks to ward off evil spirits meet legends of ancient naval battles and the grievous decline of empires. Junko's stories surf freely on PoiL’s tumultuous waves pulsing with brashness and precision.

Radically manipulated flutes, anarchic soprano vocals and analogue electronics.
Defiantly original duo Witch 'n' Monk combine Mauricio Velasierra’s radically electrified Latin American flutes, with Heidi Heidelberg’s jazz-punk guitar/bass and anarchic soprano vocals. The music travels seamlesly from structured arrangements to wild improvisations, using a myriad of control pedals and labyrinthine signal paths to orchestrate live. The essence of their collaboration is encapsulated in the name; dark/light, feminine/masculine, punk/Romantic. Creating contrast is fundamental to their work and thus they tread upon the edges of genres. Celebrated in jazz, contemporary classical and DIY music scenes they have played prestigious venues and festivals such as the Royal Festival Hall, Berlin, London and Umea Jazz Festivals and Paris' La Cigale.

Programm Teil 1

Witch 'n' Monk

  • Heidi Heidelberg | Gesang, Gitarre, Elektronik
  • Mauricio Velasierra | Flöten, Elektronik

Programm Teil 2

PoiL Ueda

  • Antoine Arnera | Klavier, Gesang
  • Boris Cassone | Gitarre, Basse, Gesang
  • Guilhem Meier | Schlagzeug, Gesang
  • Junko Ueda | Gesang, Satsuma-Biwa


  • Fr., 10.11.2023, 20:00 - 23:00
  • Pause: