Jacob Greenberg

  • Neue Musik / Komponierte Musik

piano, harmonium, clavichord

Mi., 08.11.2023, 20:30 - 22:00 | KM28

© J Greenberg

Jacob Greenberg (piano, clavichord, harmonium) plays keyboard works by Wang Lu, David Byrd-Marrow, Dai Fujikuru, and Charles Ives.

Pianist and multi-keyboardist JACOB GREENBERG's work as a soloist and chamber musician has received worldwide acclaim. A longtime member of the International Contemporary Ensemble, he has performed throughout the Americas and Europe. In his home base of Berlin, he directs Close Range, a teaching venue with diverse keyboards for canonical and modern repertoire. His touring concert series, Keyboard Play, spans centuries of music with period-specific and anachronistic instruments in a colorful historical dialogue, and his podcast, Intégrales, explores meaningful intersections of music and daily city life.



    Wang Lu »Constellations Apart for piano«
    Wang Lu »New Work for harmonium«
    David Byrd-Marrow »New Work for harmonium and MIDI keyboard«
    Dai Fujikura »Bright Codes for piano«
    Dai Fujikura »Past Beginnings for amplified clavichord«
    Charles Ives »Studies #20 and #23«
  • Jacob Greenberg | piano, clavichord, harmonium


  • Mi., 08.11.2023, 20:30 - 22:00
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  • Doors 20:00 | Concert 20:30

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