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Colleg by field notes summarises current opportunities for further education in Berlin for the independent contemporary music scene. You can register in the login area to gain access to licensed content.

field notes' offerings for qualification and professionalisation consist of free workshops, individual counselling, referrals to experts, the preparation and distribution of information and networking events. It focuses on topics such as funding and applications, audience development, diversity development, dismantling racism in the cultural sector, communication and sustainability development. All offers are aimed specifically at practitioners in the independent contemporary music scene.

field notes Colleg features new and exciting forms of knowledge transfer from relevant advisory institutions as well as independent professionals in the contemporary music scene.

Workshop Series

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The field notes programme by inm – initiative neue musik berlin e. V. offers a wide range of opportunities for structural strengthening, professionalisation and networking within Berlin's independent contemporary music scene.

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Through individual counselling, we address artistic independence, project implementation and orientation in the funding landscape. Counselling sessions last about 45 minutes and free of charge, usually taking place via Zoom or at our office.

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We present dossiers and courses summarising current topics in the music sector, including resources, articles, lectures, working materials, tools and media. You can access licensed content after registering in the login area.

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Here you will find a compilation of regularly offered project funding and scholarships in the contemporary music field as well as information on the offers and focal points of funding institutions in Berlin, Germany and Europe.

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Calendar for Professionals

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The calendar for professionals presents opportunities for further education from Berlin-based and Germany-wide counselling centres and players in the independent contemporary music scene. You can also find out about deadlines for relevant project funding and funding institutions.

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