Opening of the Month of Contemporary Music 2022

Month of Contemporary Music #6

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The Ensemble KNM Berlin will perform new works dealing with the phenomenon of the street at the opening on September 2nd at FAHRBEREITSCHAFT.

The artists Camilla Sørensen and Greta Christensen (aka Vinyl -terror & -horror) have developed a new work for the ensemble KNM Berlin in which they combine the theme of the street with their record manipulations. The duo was inspired by the mobile technical equipment of Berlin street musicians, such as the playback devices often found mounted on a trolley. Sound fragments were recorded with a mobile record player on the luggage rack of a bicycle and manipulated by riding it through the uneven streets of Berlin. This forms the source material for a transcription, a transfer of the sound recording into musical notation for the musicians of the ensemble KNM Berlin. In a live set with turntables, Vinyl -terror & -horror comment on their work for ensemble. Trained in sculpture, the two artists use records as sculptural objects. By breaking, cutting, and sawing found records in pieces, they explore the record material in its rawest form, releasing identifiable sound quotations from their context to find new combinations of sound.

Headphone-wearing passers-by are a regular sight on the streets of the city – absorbed in their own world yet also part of a larger, moving organism. »Complex personality« by Anton Koshelev takes up this image. The musicians sit at a distance from each other like four neighbours who know each other only superficially. They are all busy with themselves and at the same time part of an unusual string quartet; alone but together.

With the title »Spatial Flashes«, Vladimir Gorlinsky has created a site-specific work in 2021 to be performed in various indoor and outdoor spaces of FAHRBEREITSCHAFT. In deliberate contrast to the industrial area, he based the performances on a timetable that is not oriented to industrialised standard time but to the course of the times of day. Thus, within the series of works, one finds titles such as »Sunrise« or »Sunset«, which also refer to the outside while listening on the inside.

Ensemble KNM Berlin + Vinyl -terror & -horror (DNK) live set / turntables 

  • Vinyl -terror & -horror (DNK) »Pflaster polka« (2022) for flute, trumpet, drums, accordion, violin, violoncello, double bass and video *
  • Anton Koshelev (UKR): »complex personality« (2020) version for violin, viola, violoncello and double bass *
  • Vladimir Gorlinsky (RUS) from: »Spatial Flashes« * (2021) »The listening window III«, »Intermedia«, »Sunrise«, »High Sun«, »Sunset« for flute with megaphone, bass clarinette, bassoon with megaphone, trumpet, trombone, drums and amplified violin, viola, violoncello, double bass and aluminium rods

     * Commissioned work by the Ensemble KNM Berlin

Itinerary and exploration of the FAHRBEREITSCHAFT

On September 2nd, the entire area of FAHRBEREITSCHAFT in the eastern district of Lichtenberg will become the site of industry, art, music, and dance forming an inspiring alliance.

In addition to Month of Contemporary Music, the Lange Nacht der Bilder in Lichtenberg will also open on the same day, while the new event series »Something in the Air« by the haubrok foundation will focus on New Music and present various sound pieces on the grounds. Moreover, the exhibition »Red Gym« will exhibit works on the theme of resistance by Berlin and Glasgow artists.

After the concert, the Month of Contemporary Music and Lange Nacht der Bilder and welcome you to a get-together with music in the FAHRBEREITSCHAFT’s courtyard. The evening offers the audience the opportunity to mingle with musicians, composers, artists, organisers, politicians and other actors in Berlin's cultural life over drinks.

  • 4-10 p.m.: kickoff »Something in the Air« – event series for New Music by the haubrok foundation (2nd Sep – 29th Oct 2022). Preview of »Red Gym« – exhibition in cooperation between artists from Berlin and Glasgow (3rd Sep – 8th Oct 2022).
  • 5 p.m.: opening of the 15th Lange Nacht der Bilder in Lichtenberg
  • 7.30 p.m.: opening of the Month of Contemporary Music 2022 with a concert by the ensemble KNM Berlin wich welcoming speeches from Senator for Culture and Europe Dr. Klaus Lederer, Axel Haubrok (haubrok foundation), Lisa Benjes + Board (inm / field notes)
  • 10 p.m.: get-together with music by Théo Pozoga a.k.a. Strip Steve for the Lange Nacht der Bilder in Lichtenberg and the Month of Contemporary Music in the courtyard. Michael Rosen has, selected three wines with the Weinhandlung von Eisen in accordance with the music programme.


 Herzbergstraße 40-43, 10365 Berlin
 How to get there: Tram: Herzbergstr./Industriegebiet (21 50 M1 M10 M13 M5 M8)

You can get the tickets here.