A section in a record stores that says "music to fuck your head"

Releases of the Month | May to September 2023

Kristoffer Cornils presents new releases by Marginal Consort, Ehsan Saboohi, Theo Nabicht and his Circle Line project, Aleksandra Słyż and many more.

Christian Wolff at AngelicA Festival Bologna 2022 by Massimo Golfieri

Interview | »I don’t deliberately try to change«

Christian Wolff talks about changes in more than 70 years of compositional practice, the dialogue between score and the performers and the portrait concert »Metal & Breath«.

Workshop Graphic

Erstellung von ganzheitlichen Nachhaltigkeitskonzepten

This workshop provides participants with an introduction to the conceptual planning and implementation of sustainability goals. Through a combination of presentations, case studies, group work, and discussions, participants will be empowered to take concrete steps towards integrating susta...

Das Cover der 33. Ausgabe

field notes Magazin #33: September/Oktober

Alles zum Programm und den Schwerpunkten des siebten Monats der zeitgenössischen Musik, ein Interview mit Christian Wolff sowie ein Portrait des Labels Noise à Noise findet ihr in unserer Nummer 33.

Grafik zum Monat der zeitgenössischen Musik 2023

Program: Month of Contemporary Music 2023

The Month of Contemporary Music presents the diversity of Berlin's contemporary music scene. Current works can be discovered in concerts, performances and sound installations - both in established concert halls and in independent venues.

Das Logo der Senung »The Rest is Music«

Begeleitprogramm im Community Radio

Nico Daleman ist der Host der monatlichen Sendung »The Rest Is Music« und begleitet auch 2023 den MdzM. Hier findet ihr die Termine.

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