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Interest in sustainable development and its many interwoven ecological, social and economic dimensions has increased significantly in the cultural sector in recent years. Here you can find a compilation of articles, guides and events on the topic of sustainability and contemporary music. ...

Die Berliner Szene

Contemporary Music in Germany

This page gives an overview of the contemporary music scene in Germany. In addition to a guide that covers its structures, independent ensembles, festivals and networks, you will find a compilation of articles and portraits from the local contemporary music scene.


Audience Development

Here you will find everything about Audience Development. Current workshops, guides and lectures.

Soundings Bild von Sound Across

Diversity and Decolonisation

In the past few years, field notes has organised numerous conferences and further education courses on the topics of anti-racism and diversity development as well as the decolonisation of contemporary music. Many of the events were able to be documented on video or in writing and can be vi...


Funding and Applications

Here you will find everything about funding and applications: Current workshops, guides and lectures.

"Piano Extremist" is playing piano on the roof of a burned Berkut bus. The barricade across Hrushevskoho str. Kiev, 10 February 2014.

Music in and from Ukraine

Russia's war and its drive to eradicate Ukrainian culture have, ironically, made it more visible than ever in the West: more Ukrainian music is being played at music festivals and in concert halls than ever before, and interest in traditional and contemporary music from Ukraine has increas...