T.A.T.V. #rc230916 nightly built

  • Improvisierte Musik
  • Elektronische / Elektroakustische Musik
  • Klangkunst / Sound Art
  • Workshop

Temporary Autonomous Tele Vision

Sat, 16.09.2023, 15:00 - 23:59 | Museum Kesselhaus Herzberge

Temporary Autonomous Tele Vision - Festival at Museum Kesselhaus Herzberge
© Mariana Hoyos

With the T.A.T.V. #5 - Festival a new epoch of this project born during the pandemic begins. Not easy to classify right from the beginning was the curation of this cryptic-enigmatic project: Absurd talk show formats, various lectures about animal sounds, noise and Alan Turing, large sound installations, 2-hour radical piano improvisations, a zoom meeting during a fall from the balcony, strange never-ending changeover breaks, experimental film: The Republic of T. A. T. V. with its (no doubts manipulated) elected president/curator Kris Limbach gets a new chance: #5.rc230916 nightly built has again the appearance of an (absent or holistic??) curation beyond common concert or event formats. However, there is a novelty, because this time the doors are open for an attending audience.

Programm Teil 1

Frank Bretschneider

  • | live electronics

Programm Teil 2

Zustand D.

  • | reed n bass, live drone

Programm Teil 3

Mizuki Ishikawa

  • | electronics, feedback

Programm Teil 4

Corazon de Robota

  • | Workshop and performance: Fuck the Soundcheck


digital event hybrid
event link: https://ttaattvv.xyz/
  • Sat, 16.09.2023, 15:00 - 23:59
  • Pause:


Zusammenkünste Museum Kesselhaus Herzberge