Opposite Editorial: Memory Biwa and Robert Machiri

field notes #25

1 January, 2022 | Robert Machiri, Memory Biwa

Memory Biwa & Robert Machiri

Dear reads field notes,

Moving from one place to another also means leaving behind one context and having to situate and orientate yourself in a new one. Having only recently arrived in Berlin, we so far have only attended a limited amount of events, none of which have been dedicated to music and sound. This made us realise that it is through physical attendance of spaces that we can learn more about the scene in Berlin, what kind of music and how it is made in this part of the world and who the people behind it are.

Going through the field notes calendar provides us with an idea of what kind of scene we are to encounter, but we are even more looking forward to going to these performances, being present and immersing ourselves in the scene. Though it's been a challenge navigating the city in the midst of a pandemic, we are still looking forward to experiencing more music spaces in the city, particularly those eager to work outside the box or at least to spread a perspective beyond the global north hegemony and bring to us new broader tests to our sonic palettes.

In January and February, we would love to see Ultraschall between the 19th und 23rd of January as well as the 23rd edition of the CTM  festival happening between the 19th of January and the 6th of February. As for the latter one, we are especially excited about seeing the performance by the curator, artist and DJ Edna Martinez as well as seeing Raed Yassin's project »Phantom Orchestra«, for whom the artist turns improvisations in isolation into a collective practice. This issue of field notes puts a focus on the curious »Modular Organ System« and it will undoubtedly be very interesting to see and hear what especially Kali Malone and Stephen O'Malley will do with Phillip Sollmann and Konrad Sprenger's instrument and installation piece.

Yassin by the way will already meet Yassin im exploratorium auf Magda Mayas und Ute Wassermann  on the 7th of January and on the 28th we will try to make it to the 17th »Sound & Lecture« in the same venue, this time featuring Svetlana Maraš and Biliana Voutchkova.

There's more of course, as you well know and can also see in the online calendar. We are looking forward to experiencing it and maybe even meeting you there!

– Memory Biwa und Robert Machiri

Memory Biwa and Robert Machiri form the duo Listening at Pungwe, which works with both historical and contemporary collections and archives of sound. Together they have presented lecture performances, exhibitions and installations worldwide. They participate in the DAAD's Berlin Artists-in-Residence Programme and are fellows of the Solitude Fellowship of the Akademie Schloss Solitude.

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