Symposium und Konzerte: Diversität und neue Musik

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Vielfalts-Aspekte in der Ensemble-Arbeit

Wed, 27.09.2023, 09:30 - Thu, 28.09.2023, 21:30 | Villa Elisabeth

Vladimir Guicheff Bogacz: Anwesend (Broken Frames Syndicate)
© Marie Schwarze

The Podium Gegenwart of the Deutsche Musikrat organizes a symposium on current topics of ensembles in the contemporary music scene in Germany with the main topic diversity in the Villa Elisabeth Berlin. The aim is to raise awareness of the dimension and relevance of the topic of diversity in the new music scene and to show ways in which it can be taken into account and implemented. Both days of the event will feature discussion panels and more open formats on topics that concern the ensembles in different areas of their work, linked by the overarching theme of diversity.

Diversity has a variety of dimensions, which - sometimes more concrete, sometimes more abstract - form the basis for the considerations of the individual panels. At the same time, spotlights are thrown on the general situation of the ensemble scene in Germany, also in order to work out grievances and thus promote the further development of (new) music. The panel discussions will be held in German.
In order to enable an interaction between theory and practice, both conference days will be permeated by short concerts, which are not positioned in blocks at the edges, but are integrated into the symposium process in a topic-related manner and take up the topic of diversity in general and the concrete panels in particular. The performers are up-and-coming formations that offer a glimpse of the young ensemble scene in Germany and are supported by the InSzene program of the Podium Gegenwart.

Experts from the respective fields are intended as active panel participants: performers, members of ensembles of new music, ensemble managers, organizers, artistic directors, concert agents, members of funding institutions, cultural politicians, journalists, musicologists, composers.

Admission is free. Further information and registration details will follow shortly.

Cooperation partner of the project is FREO e.V.. Media partner is the initiative neue musik berlin / field notes.

With the kind support of the LOTTO-Stiftung Berlin and the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung.

Program Teil 1

Broken Frames Syndicate

    Vladimir Guicheff Bogacz »Anwesend« 2022

Program Teil 2

Trio Abstrakt

    Rachel C. Walker »Third Existence« 2021
    Jonah Haven »KEEP. THiS. RooM.« 2023
    Farhad Ilaghi Hosseini »Diametrale Wahrnehmung« 2021
    Carlo Elia Praderio »Sorgenti*« 2022
  • Marlies Debacker | Klavier
  • Salim Javaid | Saxophon
  • Shiau-Shiuan Hung | Percussion

Program Teil 3

  • Silvia Berchtold | Performance und Blockflöte

Program Teil 4

Contemporary Insights

Program Teil 5

The Interstring Project

    The Interstring Project »ELECTRIC DREAMS«
    TIP »Dr3am I«
    Sarah Nemtsov »Orbits IV« 2018
    TIP »Guitar Heroes«
    Yiran Zhao »negative space B- 世外桃源 (shì wài táo yuán)« UA
    TIP »Dr3am II«
    Robert Menczel »Oddity Space«
    TIP »Void«
  • Robert Menczel | Gitarre
  • Phileas Baun | Gitarre
  • Florin Emhardt | Gitarre
  • Marius Schnurr | Gitarre


  • Wed, 27.09.2023, 09:30 - Thu, 28.09.2023, 21:30
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  • The symposium is accessible barrier-free. The concerts take place on the second floot without an elevator.
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Contact and funding

Kooperationspartner des Projekts ist FREO e.V.
Medienpartner ist die initiative neue musik berlin / field notes.
Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung.