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Senate Department for Culture and Europe

1 January, 2050

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Target group / Purpose of funding

Concert and oratorio choirs, chamber choirs and vocal ensembles (min. 12 persons) are eligible for funding under this programme, which was established to support choirs wishing to present symphonic choral works and innovative vocal projects to a wider audience in Berlin. The programme seeks to promote the performance of works by lesser known composers, new choral works and the development of innovative positions in choral music. Funding is also available to choirs that specialize in the presentation of established works of symphonic choral music.

Funding volume

To achieve these goals the following funding tracks have been established:

  • Institutional funding
    covers the choir’s general operating costs.
  • Basic funding
    covers expenses incurred during rehearsals.
  • Individual project funding
    provides funding for the realization of a project by one or more Berlin choirs.

For more information on the scope of this programme, see the programme flyer.

Eligibility and conditions

  • Choirs which have staged at least two concert performances of a high standard per year within the last three calendar years may apply for institutional funding or basic funding.
  • Choirs applying for institutional funding must stage at least four concert performances under their own direction within the funding year; applicants to the basic funding track must perform at least two concerts under their own direction within the funding year.
  • Choirs applying to this programme must operate primarily in Berlin.
  • University and youth choirs are not eligible for funding through this programme.
  • Choirs which are currently the recipients of institutional or structural funding are not eligible for funding through the institutional or basic funding tracks of this programme.

Call for applications

Calls for applications to this programme are usually issued every December for funding in the year after next. Funding is allocated annually through this programme.

Further information on choir funding and application on the page of the Senate Department for Culture and Europe.

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